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2017 - The Year of Hygge - An Unplugged + Comfy Way of Living

Hygge. Whats with this new obsession?

With all of the chaos that surrounds us it is no surprise that many people all around the world are yearning for more simplicity and a calmer, unplugged way of life. Meet Hygge…Go ahead try and say it! Properly pronounced “hue-gah” this Danish word embodies more of a way of living than just term and is shaping its way into a as range of industries. We are happy to say that the interior design world is absolutely no exception.

Picture your softest socks snug around your toes, a fireplace pumping off just the right amount of warmth and your best friends lounging on the couch with you sipping cocktails without a cell phone in sight. There is no urgency and the ultimate sense of presence. This is the embodiment of hygge. The word itself translates to “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” So, what’s not to love?

We are definitely getting down and following suit with this Danish obsession. After all, we have always been a bit more keen on environments that breed comfort and a sense of home or well being over spaces that scream “don’t touch me I am perfectly placed!”

So how do you get your life more in line with hygge? Here are a few interior design tips that can help get you there!

Soft Lighting

While lighting is everything when it comes to color and interior design, lighting in hygge is key. Think about slipping into a warm bath with your Krishna Das or Ena playlist softly playing in the background. You wouldn’t kill the mood by keeping your overhead fluorescent lighting beaming on you would you? No, you would grab every candle you own and light the room up with the soft comforting sensation that candle light offers. The same applies to hygge and how it translates to the rest of your home. Softer bulbs, candles, a lit fireplace and even natural lighting from outside are all great alternative sources of light. Installing dimmers is a great way to adjust your lighting according to your mood!

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Natural Materials

Soft touchable textures, living plants and elements of nature wherever possible. The more that you can bring in from the outdoors and the less manufactured decor the better. Get rid of the plastic and replace it with wood. Replace faux plants with living plants and opt for plush rugs, throw pillows and blankets. Think wool, cotton, leather, bamboo, and stone. You get the point.

Bring the outdoors in and help ground your space.

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Calm Color Scheme

When it comes to design, the more color and patterns you use, the more chaotic and energetic the room will feel. Lean towards neutrals and softer hues that you would likely see in a spa. If you look at the color and it evokes a sense of energy and makes you want to get up and get active, steer clear. You're aiming for the color that makes your mind soften and offers up clarity. Patterns are a bit more tricky as they can be used in moderation. But stick to smaller patterns on small items like throw pillows. Do not go and cover your wall with a mural or reupholster your couch with a busy modern pattern. The more solids the better, but if you need a pattern or two to give the space some life, go for it. Just don’t go overboard or you will be very unhygge.

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Meaningful Decor

Hygge focuses on presence and having a genuine interest in all of the details of daily life. How does this translate into the curation of your home? Well, not only do we want to keep things simple and calming, but we want them to be meaningful and purposeful. Elements of design that speak to personal hobbies, remind you of loved ones and spark fond memories are all important contributors to the hygge lifestyle. By surrounding yourself with positive and purposeful decor you are creating an environment that breeds growth and good vibes. Do be sure to declutter and take the time to rid your space of all that bogs you down or brings up negative feelings or not so fond of memories. Decluttering can be a tricky task. We will focus a later post solely on the art of decluttering and organization to share some helpful tips of the trade.

Interior Design, Hygge, Decor, Lighting, kept, kept spaces, online interior design, edesign

So go ahead! Give hygge a try and see how these few alterations to your space can bring some peace to your daily life!


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