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"Chelsea did an amazing job helping me convert my husband’s "bachelor pad" into an updated and modern home. I really appreciated the options that were given to me for various items at different prices so I could prioritize my budget. Her "a-la'cart" option is fantastic for someone who can't change everything at once but wants to be able to update his or her home decor throughout an extended period of time. Chelsea is quick to respond and friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their home decor."

Kelly T. - Virginia Beach, VA

"Through the spatial design process with Chelsea I have become more of a minimalist, not just with my belongings but with my outlook on life. She is a visionary with a great sense of space and design. Style, smarts, focus, drive, kindness and zen.…this woman has it all! Not calling her would be your biggest mistake."

Michelle P. - Washington D.C

"I heard about KEPT from a friend who recommended Chelsea when I put the word out that I needed help with my new apartment. I live on the Upper West Side and if you know NY, you know some apartments need some extra love. The space was nice but pretty gloomy and needed some life brought to it. I didn't want to live in an apartment; I wanted to live in my home. I am lost when it comes to interior design and am really not the imaginative type when it comes to colors for walls and which furniture fits where. She helped me in picturing the potential my new apartment had, even on the tight budget I was on. After we agreed on a direction, she went full steam ahead enthusiastically and worked her magic! My new apartment is my home and I'm always happy when I come home after the grind. Thank you so much Chelsea!"

Daniela E. - Upper West Side, Manhattan

"Being a single bachelor, I needed some serious help with decorating and organizing my new place. Chelsea was hands down worth every penny. She start to finish designed and decorated my space. You would never know I am single guy by the looks of my place. She was as professional as they come and worked very efficiently. Would hire her over and over again! Thanks Chelsea!"

Joe D. - Tribeca, NY

"My husband and I recently purchased a home that needed a lot of renovations. Overwhelmed and overworked, we decided to trial the use of an interior designer and spatial planner. We figured we would start with our master bedroom and see how it went. After meeting with a bunch of designers, we decided to work with Chelsea from Kept as she presented such unique ideas and had a refreshing take on the space. I appreciated her commitment to reflect our taste and her sensitivity to our budget. She exceeded all of our expectations and simply put, designed the room in a way I never could have. After Chelsea made our master bedroom such a haven for us, we decided to hire her to continue the renovations of the remainder of our home! We cannot wait to see what she will come up with next!"

Mary K. - Millbrook, NY

"Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. It was like a deep hole I would fall into with an explosion of ideas and “likes” and dreams. And how easy it was for me to get trapped in this hole before I would become overwhelmed and unavailable to actually get my rooms in order.

Hands down the most professional design team I have worked with. I have tried other online design companies that allowed me purchase items directly through them. I realized that those companies were actually “retailers” suggesting items for purchase. And they charged me for those recommendations! Kept is a design company. That’s it. There are no incentives for them to recommend certain lines or items. Each package is completely unique and that’s what I think of when I think of hiring a designer"

Ashley S. - Redbank, NJ

"I like to think that I have good taste. I definitely have good taste actually! But there is a gap between me pinning away on a Pinterest board and the end result of a room I decorate. I had all of these awesome ideas but had a hard time pulling them all together to make a room truly cohesive and esthetically pleasing. When I hired Kept, all of those great ideas were funneled into a direction and a room that not only looks great but is a pleasure to live in! Thank you Kept for making my dream space that only existing on Pinterest a reality."

Taylor K. - Montauk, NY

"Attention to detail, experienced designers, and a method that made the madness go away! You can’t go wrong here. You’ll see what I mean…"

Matthew T. - Cape Cod, MA

I have worked with interior designers in the past. I never had any terrible experiences but I did pay a lot to have them. Something my family just cannot afford anymore. One of the rooms I had designed (and spent 3,000.00 in designer fees to have done) just doesn't suit our lifestyle anymore. I decided this time I was willing to put in a bit more leg work and Kept’s design process worked perfectly for me. I had no problem ordering the items and installing them. My design package was like this little present…it had everything I needed to revamp the room, but this time I wasn’t paying all of the extra fees to have someone do the leg work parts of the job! If this only existed years ago, I would have thousands of dollars to spend elsewhere… Thank you to the whole Kept team!"

Victoria T. - Charleston, SC

"I am 23 and I hired an interior designer…... I moved into my first apartment on my own after getting my first real job and I quickly realized that the hand me downs I got from friends and family just wouldn't cut it. I figured I would hire Kept to design just one room, but they now have designed my entire place. After how pleased I was with the design and the price of the first room, I just couldn’t stop and now they have designed my entire apartment! Affordable interior design is now available to everyone, including me…"

Zoe F. - Miami, FL

"Me and my husband just moved into a new home that needed a lot of work. We wanted to decorate our living room first so that we could start having people over. We were on a tight budget but were able to rummage together about 2,000.00 to give our space a facelift. With that kind of budget, I never thought that I could hire a designer. My friend had recently hired one and it cost her 4,000.00 in designer fees! When I came across Kept’s website and was shocked to find out how they ran their business! Online Design? What the heck is that? I will never design a room on my own ever again….. The process was simple, they were able to work within my tight budget, and the directions of how to put everything together was so detailed and thorough so it was easy for me to put everything in place. I think I put in about three hours of work total between phone calls with them, buying the items, and then putting it together. I just don’t think that can be beat. And the room…..well, it’s freaking amazing!"

Charlotte B. - Austin, TX

"This was hands down the best thing I’ve decided to do in a loooong time! I am a mother of two with another on the way and just couldn’t get my brain together to decorate another nursery! I called Kept, had a plan put into place after our first phone call and had the design package sent to me just 2 weeks later. A week and a half after that, the room was complete. I was a bit skeptical of the process in the beginning to be honest, but I assure you that you will be pleased! Kept is not a huge company pumping out lots of designs which really lets them give you the personal attention this process needs. Every little details was discussed and talked through. I loved the one-on-one face timing meetings with Chelsea. She has awesome energy and gave our little one a beautiful room to start his life in. My husband and I will be hiring Kept for our Master Bedroom in just the next few weeks. Thank you Kept!"

Sarah & Charles H. - Hudson, NY

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