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Interior Design Faux Pas -- Easy to Make, Easy to Fix

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It happens more than you might think. You wake up one day, 3 or 5 or 10 years after having bought your first home, and for the first time you actually SEE each room for what it is. Maybe you never got around to finishing (or starting) the DIY projects that you had planned. Maybe your tastes have changed dramatically, but in the midst of your busy life, you hadn’t even noticed that your home decor doesn’t match the life you live or the person you are.

You set off to the internet to try to organize some of your ideas, but sooner rather than later you are in information overload. Eventually, you throw up your hands and head to the store, and when your first room is complete, for some reason, it doesn’t exactly fit your vision.

Chances are, you haven’t completely missed the mark. It is terribly easy to make interior design mistakes, but more often than not, they are also easy to fix.

8 interior design faux pas that are easy to make, but that can be fixed:

1. Furniture that Fits

Large furniture can look grand and expensive, especially on the showroom floor. Unfortunately, when we get it home, it is often much too large for the space. This will make the room feel small and overcrowded. Make sure to measure your space and consider the type of items you are looking for in advance. It helps to do this while you have access to the space!

2. Less is more (we’re talking accessories, picture frames and clutter):

One of the most common faux pas is clutter. Forget the visitor who is overwhelmed because there is too much going on, YOU have to live in this space day in and day out. Create a space that is relaxing and clutter free.

First, eliminate accessories that aren’t meaningful and arrange what’s left in a purposeful way. Utilize bookshelves and display a collection of accessories in a tray or bowl on the coffee table.

Next, move some of your picture frames from the table surfaces and create a gallery wall. An expertly arranged gallery wall will create a point of focus in your room. This will eliminate clutter simultaneously!

Finally, never leave appliance cords in view. Always direct them through the wall or use a neutral cover to hide the eyesore.