Five Fall Interior Design Trends We Can’t Live Without

At Kept, we aim to create lasting design that is classic and doesn’t need to be revamped year after year. That being said, sometimes we can’t help ourselves! This year’s fall trends are To. Die. For. Consider how some of these fall looks could make an appearance within your classic designs.

Matte finishes

We are starting to see matte finishes more frequently in new design. Originally, “hot shots” with cool cars would use matte finishes to make their cars look like an exotic material like kevlar or carbon. In a room design, a matte finish diffuses light in a beautiful way. Whether it be an entire wall or a few accessories, this design tactic is sure to draw attention.


Velvet is the ultimate cold weather material. Crushed velvet provides the same old extravagant feel, with the edginess to make it modern.


Towards the end of summer we are ALL dreaming about our favorite leather boots and jackets. Why not add the same excitement to your living room? Add a few leather throw pillows to your couch to add the texture and climate of a brand new fall season.


You could paint, you could paper OR you could mural. Photographs create interest, but murals bring you into the scenery itself. Your son could enter his bedroom, OR he could enter a rainforest. You could spend time in your living room, OR your could eat your dinner on top of a mountain. There is nothing wrong with classic and simple, but sometimes it’s nice to get caught up in a whimsical world (whichever you may choose).


No, you are not back in middle school, you no longer have braces, and we’re not talking about pinning your photos and schedules to a cork board. The idea here is unconventional. Deciding to add cork accessories can add some warmth and character to a classic design. Think placemats, bar stools, and wall art. There are endless options when it comes to styles, shades and patterns, so kick the traditional perception of cork out of your mind. And! If you decide to go big and cork your entire wall, you’ll find that the product is a natural insulator.

That’s a win-win!

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