Shop Local + Design Online to Get the Room of Your Dreams

As we approach the busiest shopping time of the year, it is so easy to get caught up in the bright shiny lights of the holidays. This year at Kept, we have made the conscious decision to be mindful of the things that really matter to us. Always, but especially during the holiday season, we value family, community and simple living.

Since the beginning, Kept has always aimed to stay grounded. As our business grows, we frequently come back to our core philosophy: “Affordable interior design for every budget, big or small.” In our minds, interior design should not be a luxury. Why shouldn’t a recent graduate, a working mother of three or a retired school teacher have the living room of their dreams? We think they should! THIS is why we have taken our designs online, to save you those hefty designer fees.

Chelsea Mulroy, Owner of Kept

We know that you are on a budget, but that doesn’t mean we want to skimp on your design. We go to great lengths get unique pieces into your design, all under the umbrella of your budget. Meet: My Chic’s

MY CHIC’S Can you think of a time when you have visited a store that has it’s very own personality? When you wander in, the space makes you FEEL a certain way. This is one of the things we love most about “My Chic’s,” which resides just around the corner from one of our primary locations in Virginia Beach, VA.

Chelsea, our lead designer and the founder of Kept, has a tendency to frequent the local store because she says, “you never know what kind of gems you might come across.” Having visited so frequently, Chelsea has had a chance to get to know the owner of “My Chic’s,” Cortney Cleveland.

Cortney Cleveland, Owner of My Chic's

Cortney, a hard working mother of two, has an impeccable eye. My Chic’s offers a combination of home and fashion consignment items with a boutiquey feel. Her style is shabby chic and her store is a gold mine of amazing items that you could wear or add to your interior design.

The furniture, THAT’S what we love most about “My Chic’s.” When Chelsea stops in, she is looking for items that could be incorporated into one of our local designs. Cortney, quite literally, knows how to find “the diamond in the rough.” Pieces that the average person might walk right past, end up for sale at “My Chic’s,” as completely remodeled, beautiful works of art.

Community, Family and Simple Living

Chelsea and Cortney have very similar philosophies when it comes to getting what you want on a tight budget. Everyone can and should have a beautifully curated home regardless of budgetary constraints. This is not a luxury that is reserved for the upper class! Even though we are a national brand, we prefer to shop locally. The designs we love most contain unique, original pieces that add character and charisma to any room.

Your home, where you spend most of your time, should be a place where you feel comfort and calm. Especially during the winter months, when we are “stuck” inside and when we share our space with family and friends, your home should be the place you want to be MOST. With local businesses like “My Chic,” and companies like Kept to help us along the way, this experience is no longer the “pipe dream” it once was.

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