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How It Works!

I know this is a new concept, so let me explain.

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I start by getting to know you and your space. This is by far the most important part!

Once we begin working together the first stage of the process is the design consultation meeting. During this meeting I get to know you and your space just as I normally would if coming to your home. We dive deep into details such as your lifestyle, budget, the functionality of the space and of course your visions and style preferences. This stage is by far the most important part of my design process and lays the groundwork down for the rest of the process.  


Getting the details

By following my step-by-step guide to taking measurements and by providing a few key pictures of the project space, I am able to get a full vision of what I will provide in your design package. My measurement template will take every detail into account. Every window, door, outlet, heating element, etc are accounted for to ensure a seamless installation of the package. 

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I get to work designing

After I am positive I have our vision nailed down, I start designing! This process can take a few days, a week, or maybe a few weeks depending on the size of the project I am working on with you.

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Design package handover

When I am all done, you are granted access to your private client platform which grants you access to your custom design package. Here’s what it includes:

  • Itemized list of all of the things you will need to complete your space with corresponding details of where and how that item should be placed and/or installed. In order to accommodate each clients unique budget, I source from a variety of both retail and trade vendors. I may splurge on a trade only piece of artwork that will be the focal point of the room, but offset it with some budget friendly window treatments from a larger retailer. Just an example!

  • A Mood Board which visually allows you to see all of your room’s design elements working together.

  • A to Spec Floor Plan showing you exactly what goes where, down to the inch. 

  • "Tips-of-the-Trade Booklet” My insider scoop on all of the tricks that will help you channel your inner designer and put things together professionally!

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Enjoy your new space!

As items arrive I help answer questions and see the design installation through  till the last pillow is fluffed! Then it's time for you to take a step back and enjoy your professionally designed space!

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